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Here you can discover what you'll need to start a class.

You can either call Master Mullaney at 603.497.3924 or submit this form for more information.

The first class is free. We are confident that you'll be excited by what you find at the Mullaney Center and will want more. After that, karate classes cost $100 per month. Tai chi classes are $100 per month. All fees are due at the beginning of your first paid class.

What it costs

You'll find the dojo a warm and friendly environment where you can relax, have fun, and learn something about the martial arts. Karate classes are held twice a week. Tai chi classes are also held once a week. Students are always welcome to drop by the dojo to watch an ongoing class. Contact Master Mullaney for current schedule. You can also take advantage of the weight room at any time.

What you get

For either karate or tai chi, all you really need is an interest to learn and some loose clothes. Clean sweat pants and a t-shirt work just fine for a start. Karate students will eventually want to acquire an uniform (called a "gi") with a belt appropriate for your rank. Advanced students might want to get pads, shoes, or other training gear for practice at home or the dojo. Ask Master Mullaney; he can get you the gear you need.

What is required?

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